Tarsh Duncan

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With 15+ years in leadership roles in sales, marketing, business coaching and small business ownership – success to Tarsh Duncan comes from knowing she’s built enduring relationships of trust with her clients.

Tarsh’s ability to find people who meet the brief of right skills, team and cultural fit for her clients stems from her recruitment experience starting from early in her career where she hired, built and led high performing teams of 40+. Her work experience is mainly in the manufacturing and retail sectors including electronics, bedding, furniture and fitness.

Working with only a select group of clients at one time, Tarsh brings an in- depth approach to understanding organisational cultures to ensure the best possible outcomes for her clients.

Her aim is to create the most positive experience possible for the candidates she recruits – where they know they have been fully supported to make the right career choice.

Outside of work Tarsh enjoys immersing herself in almost everything 1950’s – from fashion and furniture to collecting and driving vintage cars.


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