Why Choose Us?


Expertise. Trust. Results.

Here are five reasons we believe Sindorf Marsh is the right choice for your recruitment needs.

  1. As Directors of our own business we are hands-on, every day – something we see as core to our success. In a way, it’s the ultimate form of accountability. We are personally invested in our business and the satisfaction of our clients and enjoy outstanding relationships throughout the industry.
  2. We are consultative and collaborative. We don’t believe in an ‘off the shelf’ approach – our recruitment process is tailored to the needs of each client.
  3. Our networks extend across Australia and internationally through our Global recruitment partners through our NPA Worldwide network. Few other recruitment agencies have the depth and strength of relationships we are able to offer.
  4. We’ve proven our success time and again. More than 75% of our business is repeat business. The first clients we assisted as recruitment consultants are still with us today – testament to the strength of our relationship and mutual trust and respect.
  5. Our approval ratings are extraordinary.
    • 94% of clients rate Sindorf Marsh as “much better” than other recruiters.
    • 100% of clients rate our “knowledge” and “professionalism” above expectation.
    • 96% of candidates rate Sindorf Marsh as exceeding expectations as Sales & Marketing experts.

What sets us apart?

Relationships come first.

Our track record speaks for itself – many clients have been partnering with our consultants for more that 15 years. We get to know your business, your culture and requirements. our focus is always on how to provide first-class communication.

We know that time invested in creating a detailed brief is time well spent - and produces better outcomes. In fact, we have a 99% fill rate on all jobs!

We do what we say and we say what we mean.

We are honest, direct and transparent about candidates, their salary expectations and their fit for your business culture.

Our structured approach to recruitment utilises behavioural-based interviews, structured reference checking and psychometric assessments, if needed.

We add value.

At Sindorf Marsh we understand that the needs of your business extend beyond recruitment, so we offer multiple value-add services, from psychometric assessment to outplacement, from executive coaching to career guidance.

Clients can take advantage of a full suite of psychometric assessments for pre-employment. Sindorf Marsh Director, Gary Marsh is a registered organisational psychologist with 20 years’ experience in assessments.

We are sales and marketing specialists.

Our passion for Sales, Marketing and Communication recruitment sets us apart. Robbert Sindorf spent more than 10 years building a successful career in sales and marketing roles across Australia, specialising in wine, food and beverage and hospitality.

We offer unique and in-depth knowledge, having worked first-hand in the industry and built a suite of solid connections. We understand your language! Leading Market Insights from people in the know.

We are in daily communication with CEOs, Managing Directors and Leadership Teams, at the coal face of industry, with access to up-to-date market salary information on a range of positions. We provide valuable market insights, with industry expertise across FMCG/consumer, creative and digital, retail, pharmaceuticals, franchising, industrial/manufacturing, engineering, transport and logistics, supply chain and operations, food and beverage, building supplies, government, power, electrical/electronic, healthcare, packaging, human resources, and finance.

An extensive domestic and international network.

Along with our combined 30 plus years’ experience in recruitment, we have extensive, high quality contacts in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and active national networks through our interstate recruitment partners. Sindorf Marsh is also a NPA Worldwide member, a global recruitment network with members in over 130 countries. We can source candidates from anywhere, anytime.


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